Ship2africa-Warehousing and Parcel Forwarding

Register on and our system will give you a Client ID and our warehouses address;
you can log into the system with your correct user name and password.

2.Sending the package to the warehouse
Once your registration is done, you can shop online in any site and send your purchases to our warehouse address, or let us buy on your behalf  ,so this is how you label your parcels:
It is very important that you ALWAYS indicate your name and ID number on every single parcel. Without it we cannot know that this parcel belongs to you. Please find hereafter an example of correct labeling:

3.Receiving  parcel
As soon as the package is received in our warehouse we enter your parcel information in the system and you will get a notification by email showing the status of your parcels ,In addition to that you have 30 days of free storage  for your parcels

4.Action in package (Consolidate Your Packages or Send them right Away )<br/>Client should log into the system and choose the service concerning the package such as the consolidation service and the shipping method, so, the client has to determine if he wants to ship the parcels immediately or to consolidate with other parcels knowing that our  consolidation service saving 60% of shipping cost.

5.Delivering parcel to the agent
Once you select the shipping method (air freight, road freight, ocean freight), the warehouse manager will  ship it with the next shipment to the agent in your country and you will receive a notification that your parcels are sent   when the agent receives your parcels you will get a notification to make the pickup, once the pickup is done, you will be informed that the service is fulfilled and no further actions can be performed on the delivered shipment .