Ship2africa-Warehousing and Parcel Forwarding
Customer Service
  • Is your service available to customers in my country?
    • Our service is available to customers all over the world.
  • How much does Ship2Africa cost?
    • In order to register you will pay a registration fee of 9 USD. There is an annual fee of 20 USD which you pay together with registration fees in the first year, i.e. 29 USD in the first year. In future you will be charged 20 USD every year in order to use our services. When you receive a parcel, a reception fee will apply according to the size of your parcel. Example: If you receive a small parcel, for example, you will be charged 4 USD for reception. Please refer to the pricing section of our site. When you forward the parcel to your destination you will have to pay the shipment costs. Depending on size, weight, destination and transport type you will chose your transport rate. In order to have an idea of shipping costs, please use our shipping calculator. However, the final freight charges may vary because of actual weight, dimension, exchange rates etc. There is a free storage time of 30 days in our warehouses. If your parcel stays longer than that, warehousing fees apply. All pricing information can be found here
  • Where can I find the warehouse addresses?
  • Where can I see the status of my parcel?
    • Login into your account. My parcels.
  • Can i use Ship2AFrica immediately?
    • As soon as your Registration is approved you can start using Ship2Africa. For certain functions (for example shopping assistance) you must have funds in your account, otherwise you can not use our service.